This program is an opportunity for experienced level 2 instructors looking to achieve their level 3 who want to become a trainer. A mentor is a "trainer in training" looking for guided mileage

The mentor program is appropriate for you if you:

  • Want to become a trainer
  • Are motivated & dedicated
  • LOVE teaching
  • Are open to feedback to further your professional development
  • Have longer term industry vision or career goals
  • Are a role model within your Snow School

What to expect out of the Mentor Program...

  • This program starts with assisting trainers in the On-Snow Orientation
  • Instructors (new staff) will shadow your lessons & learn from you
  • You will have opportunity to observe and assist instructors with their classes
  • You are a resource for all instructors
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Participate in the level 3 prep training for your own learning & development

Talk to a Training Coordinator in early November so we can schedule you in to help assist with the On-Snow Orientation. We have limited number of Mentor positions available