Seebooks Schedule

Schedules are posted 1 - 2 weeks in advance. When they are finalized you will be notified by email. Please check your schedule regularly. Changes may occur although we will do our best to notify you in advance.

To view your schedule and your hours worked go to SEEBOOKS

You will be sent a personal login for Seebooks at the start of the season

Questions about the Schedule? 

Contact our Scheduler at

Need to SWAP a SHIFT? 

Here's the contact list for your fellow instructors: 


Please give us as much notice as possible,and preferably let us know the day before while we are still on the mountain so we can make arrangements.            We cannot replace you day of!

If you need to call in sick, please email us at: Include the program name you are schedule for in the subject.

Note that calling in sick for more than twice a season may impact your Full Time/Part Time Plus bonus eligibility and your rehiring eligibility! Hint: If you need a day off, swap a shift in advance instead of calling in sick. 


2019.20 Program Schedule Grid Colour.JPG