Time Off Requests

We understand that life outside of Cypress does not stop for winter and will assess each time off request on a case by case basis. We also want you to get the most out of your experience at Cypress and will do our best to accommodate requests for time off to take industry related certification courses.


1. Time off is not confirmed until it has been approved by a Snow School Manager

2. It is the responsibility of the employee to find shift replacements

3. Extended time off (even if approved) may effect: 

         a) employment
         b) employment status (full time, part time plus, part time)
         c) wage rates in relation to employment status
         d) eligibility for the full time year end bonus
         e) seniority for shifts & working hours
         f) eligibility for employment in future seasons

Looking to swap a shift? Contact details for instructors for shift swapping are available on the contact page