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If you wish to have your details removed from this list, please email scheduler@cypressmountain.com

2019.20 Instructor Contact list will be posted in December 2019.



Scheduling                   Emese Meszaros           emeszaros@cypressmountain.com

Instructor Payroll          Jon FitzGerald              jfitzgerald@cypressmountain.com

Private Lessons             Reservations                lessons@cypressmountain.com        

On-Snow Supervisors

General               All supervisors         snowsupers@cypressmountain.com

Skooters              Rob McMillan             rmcmillan@cypressmountain.com

Camps                 Emma Fish     efish@cypressmountain.com

Privates               Bill Huva                   bhuva@cypressmountain.com

Groups                Marcus Rump              mrump@cypressmountain.com     

Schools               Sam Smith                ssmith1@cypressmountain.com

Nights                Robin Sandles             rsandles@cypressmountain.com


Manager                     Lili Kolaric                    lkolaric@cypressmountain.com

Operations Manager     Kia Kaspian                   kkaspian@cypressmountain.com