Everyone is off for the summer! Emails will be activated at the start of the season. Lili and Kia are available during the fall. 


If you wish to have your details removed from this list, please email Allison at azeldin@cypressmountain.com


2018.19 will be posted in December!


Scheduling                   Allison Zeldin               azeldin@cypressmountain.com     

Instructor Payroll          Jon FitzGerald              jfitzgerald@cypressmountain.com

Private Lessons             Reservations                lessons@cypressmountain.com        

On-Snow Supervisors

General               All supervisors           schoolsupervisors@cypressmountain.com

Skooters              Rob McMillan             rmcmillan@cypressmountain.com

Camps                 Nathalie L'Henoret      nlhenoret@cypressmountain.com

Privates               Bill Huva                   bhuva@cypressmountain.com


Schools               Marcus Rump               mrump@cypressmountain.com

Nights                Robin Sandles             rsandles@cypressmountain.com


Manager                     Lili Kolaric                    lkolaric@cypressmountain.com

Operations Manager     Kia Kaspian                   kkaspian@cypressmountain.com