Welcome to the Cypress Training Program! Just one of the many perks of being Snow Sports Professional at Cypress Mountain. Here you will find the what, when & where of training opportunities available to you. Take advantage of the the great training program we have to offer as it is FREE FOR YOU!

We have CASI & CSIA level 3 & 4's on staff to help you improve your skills & get out of your comfort zone in a safe and inclusive method. Our training programs are open to all instructors - part or full time, ski or snowboard, new or experienced - there is something for everyone. Here are a few examples of what we have to offer:

  • Goal setting sessions

  • Daily rider/skier improvement sessions

  • Toolbox & Tactics sessions for continued learning

  • Regular special topics sessions

  • Teaching Children specific training

  • Formal next level certification training programs (Level 2, 3, 4 & Park, usually 8-10 weeks)

  • Cross over training for CSIA/CASI certifications

New to Snow Sports instructing? New to Cypress? New to Canada? No problem. There is a huge support network within our snow school that can help give you guided mileage while learning the ropes and gaining confidence. Check out the Shadow Program for more details. Some good websites to get yourself up to date on Canadian content & methodology are CASICSIA, & the Ski Pro Magazine

Interested in getting your level 3 or becoming a trainer? Check out our Mentor Program and get on board early so you take advantage of the most amount of experience to prepare you for exams.